Rent Storage

We have a variety of unit sizes to meet every storage need.

5x10 (5 x 10)

5x10 unit 4 foot roll up door located on the ends of the structure. A 5x10 storage unit is the size of a small walk-in closet. It fits furnishings of a mid-sized bedroom.

$40 / month

Waiting List

10x10 (10 x 10)

10x10 unit with 7 foot roll up door. A 10'x10' self storage unit can hold the contents of a two bedroom apartment. It is about the space of a large family room, or two extra bedrooms.

$70 / month

Small Parking Site (14 x 10)

Gravel parking spot for smaller trailers (lawn mower trailers, jet skis)

$50 / month

10x15 (10 x 15)

10x15 storage unit with 7 foot roll up door. A 10’x15’ unit is a little smaller than a standard one-car garage. It can hold the contents of a two or three bedroom apartment.

$90 / month

Waiting List

10x20 (10 x 20)

10x20 Unit 7 foot roll up door approx. size of one car garage. A 10'x20' self storage unit gives you enough to store the contents of a 3 bedroom house, including major appliances, furniture, and lots and lots of boxes.

$110 / month

Waiting List

Parking Site (30 x 14)

Gravel parking site for trailers, trucks, cars, or anything that you need to store outside that will fit inside of a 14' wide and 30' long parking spot.

$60 / month